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Selasa, 07 Februari 2012

Soal-Soal BHS Inggris

1.    1.   Look  at this table! Choose the correct statement
Rp.              10.000,00
Rp.              15.000,00
Rp.                5.000,00
Rp.              25.000,00

A.      Troussres is the cheapest of all
B.      Shirt is more expensive
C.      Tie is the most expensive of all
D.     Tie is cheaper than shirt

2.      2. What does the notice above mean?
A.      Don’t  crash your head
B.      We should use the head
C.      We should be careful
D.     Don’t  use the head

3.      Logging – smaller- is – because
      1               2        3          4
Rain  -  illegal  -  getting  -  of
   5           6               7            8
The  best  arrangement  of the woed is….
A.      5-3-6-1-4-8-2-7
B.      5-3-7-2-4-8-1-6
C.      5-3-7-2-4-8-6-1
D.     5-3-7-2-8-4-6-1

4.      1. Doctors and nurses working here
2. There are mortuary, emergency room, an ambulance, and nursing room
3. An ambulance used to bring sick people to the hospital
4. This is a hospital

3. Arrange these sentences correctly ........
A.      4,1,2,3
B.      1,2,3,4
C.      2,4,3,1
D.      4,2,3,1

Mount Tangkuban Perahu is one of tourism object in West Java. It situated at Lembang. It is at northern part of Bandung. A lot of people from various part of world come to see it, because it has a history, it is a Sangkuriang legend.
          To arrive at mount Tangkuban Perahu, we have to drive up along the road of hilly area, we can see a wide tea plantation. At the top, we can see beautiful scenery, and we can see the hills with its green slopes. It has three craters which continuously produced smoke.
          There are bungalows, and tourism object can be found easily there. Such as Ciater hot water and Maribaya water fall.

5.      4. The legend of Tangkuban Parahu is history of ........
A.      Lutung Kasarung
B.      Sangkuriang
C.      Bawang Putih
D.     Kancil

6.    5.What is the suitable of the text above?
A.      Ciater hot spring
B.      Legend of Sangkuriang
C.      Maribaya water fall
D.      Tangkuban Perahu

Roni and Dini study at SMP 1. Their school has a nice library. The library is not so big, but it has a lot of books, newspaper, and magazines. The book are arranged according to a system.
          The students like coming to the library. The room is air conditioned and always full of visitor. They go there to read, or borrow some books they like. They are served by Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Bahrul. These librarian have been working fo twenty years.

7.         6. How is the library at Dini school?
A.      It is nice and very big
B.      It is really nice and big
C.      It is quiet and nice
D.      It is not so big but nice

8.      7. How will the visitor feel when they are in the library ?
A.      They'll feel cool
B.      They will feel hot
C.      they will feel very cold
D.     they won't feel comfortable

9.      Alex  : You look fit. Do you always go to a fitness centre?
Rudy : Not really. I haven't got much time, but every morning I go jogging.
Alex  : I see. That's why you're so fit.
Rudy : That's correct.
  8. If you want to stay fit you should exercise ........
A.      Continuity
B.      Continue
C.      Continuously
D.     Continuous

1  9. Dian : Welcome home. How was your holiday?
Tari : It was wonderful. I really enjoyed it. I spent two days in the Blue Mountains.
         It's very beautiful there.
Dian : I ........ there twice. I plan to go there again next year.
Tari : Me too.
A.      have been
B.      will be
C.      am
D.     was


          Things you need
          1 egg
          1 small saucepan
          0,5  litre of water

          What to do
          1. Fill the saucepan with   litre of water
          2. Bring water to boil
          3. Put egg in water with spoon
          4. Boil for 4 minutes
          5. Turn off the stove
          6. Drain saucepan
          7. Serve egg in egg cup
Serving suggestion: Warm buttered toast, cut into slices and dipped into the egg
makes a tasty treat.
110  Which of the following is in the correct order?
A.      Boil for 4 minutes, place egg in saucepan, bring water to boil, drain saucepan.
B.      Bring water to boil, place egg in water, boil for 4 minutes, drain saucepan.
C.      Bring water to boil, place egg in saucepan, drain saucepan, boil for 4 minutes.
D.     Bring  water to boil, place egg in saucepan, boil for 4 minutes, drain saucepan

111  To avoid the egg being broken, what should you do?
A.      Drop the egg in water as fast as possible
B.      Throw the egg in boiled water.
C.      Put the egg in a drain saucepan.
D.      Put the egg in water with a spoon.

 .  12" ... makes a tasty treat."
The underlined word could be best replaced with the word ....
A.      Decorated
B.      Delicious
C.      Hot
D.     Salty
113.  Teacher   : All right, students. Let's start the quiz.
Students  : Excuse me, Sir. Can we open our books?
Teacher   : No! ................ Are you ready?
Students  : Yes, sir.
A.      Come to me!
B.      Explain to me!
C.      Close your book!
D.     Open your book!

114.  Dono    : What do you think of our school basket ball team, Fan?
Taufan  : I think they play ........ than the SMU 5 team.
Dono    : That's why we win the game.
A.      Worse
B.      More slowly
C.      Better
D.     More quickly

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